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Portfolio Plugin

Portfolio plugin makes it easy to display and organize rich content on a nopCommerce website, such as personal and company portfolios.
Manufacturer: MediaDotCom

If you need to easily arrange your projects and present your work to the visitors of your site, then Portfolio plugin is the right solution for you. This plugin combines a rich set of features and adjustment options while requiring minimum effort to install and configure.

Project categories are divided into tabs, with each category containing subitems. Projects within each category can have paging and the page size can be further configured. For each project you can choose the graphic representation through which the project is presented to the visitors. In the menu section you can choose the menu template (either a single link or unordered list).

Sorting is also configurable, you have an option to set the sort order of categories and projects (in order of entry, date or the display order number).

The text that is displayed in the menu can be changed (and localized) along with header and footer description.

Each category despite paging, has its own header and footer description.

Additional view with attractive interface for displaying certain projects.

Short and long description for each project can be edited by Editor.

Long description of each project is displayed in a separate page when clicking on the link Read More.

The plugin is fully localizable. A complete list of the localization resources used is shown for your convenience.

- Easy to install and configure from the nopCommerce Admin panel.

- Based on MosaicIsotrope and custom JQuery scripts.

- –źdditional external view to display certain projects by choice.

- Able to use the plugin for any purpose besides Portfolio.

- All views that are used in the public section are external, so there is an option to change the layout of the page. The html code can be customized as well.

- Various animation and layout configuration settings.

- Comes with 1 year FREE Support and 1 year FREE Updates.

- Developed according to nopCommerce and Microsoft technology standards and coding guidelines.

- Tested with all major browsers.

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Find out more about Portfolio Plugin and other products from MediaDotCom Knowledge Base.

Q: How do I use the Portfolio plugin?
A: Please follow the tutorial in this document

Q: What do I do if I find a bug?
A: Please report all bugs on this page.
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