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Services Plugin

Article presentation feature for nopCommerce, which enables CMS-like management of content, be it services or some other information.
Manufacturer: MediaDotCom

Publishing and editing content in nopCommerce has never been a simple task. Services plugin makes it easier than ever. Presenting the information you want is now just a few seconds and several steps away.

Items are organized in a two level hierarchy, which lets you categorize your content. Rich text can be set as short description for items at both levels, while the full item description of sub-items can be viewed as a separate page (article) after following the 'Read more' link. The layout is customizable as well - you can display your list of items as a simple list or as an accordion. Another useful feature is sorting by various parameters, including items' display order.

Administration is easy and straightforward: each item in corresponding list is a chunk of HTML, which is editable in a rich text editor. Therefore, you can put text, images, flash (separately or all together) in newly created item. There are also options for setting header and footer text of the plugin. The text of the menu item which links to the plugin is editable as well. For example, if the content is a list of projects, you can name the menu item as 'Projects' and place it in whichever zone you want. If your website supports mobile themes, you can create a second widget zone that will be used specifically for displaying the link while browsing on mobile devices. Services plugin provides efficient navigation - you can access any item from the always visible list of links or use the breadcrumbs feature.

The plugin is fully localizable. A complete list of the localization resources used in the administration backend is shown for your convenience. The localization of content is developed according to nopCommerce guidelines.

- Easy to install and configure from the nopCommerce Admin panel.

Able to use the plugin for any purpose besides services.

- Two level hierarchy of content organization.

- Predefined or custom widget zones - plugin link can be placed in multiple zones.

- Rich-text editor provides styling the content and adding images, videos, etc.

- Navigation using list and breadcrumbs.

- Sorting of items by several parameters.

- Editable menu item text, header and footer.

- Two types of item representation.

- Comes with 1 year FREE Support and 1 year FREE Updates.

- Developed according to nopCommerce and Microsoft technology standards and coding guidelines.

- Tested with all major browsers.

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Q: How do I use the Services plugin?
A: Please follow the tutorial in this document

Q: What do I do if I find a bug?
A: Please report all bugs on this page.
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