Microsoft SharePoint integration

The flexibility offered with Microsoft SharePoint application development makes it ideal for integrating with enterprise legacy systems. Many businesses underutilize SharePoint, failing to leverage its capability as a web platform, enterprise search, business intelligence, enterprise content management, and social networking.

Information is power and getting that into the hands of those that need it is key. Using Microsoft SharePoint Server you can deliver information in ways that drive your organization to success. With SharePoint technology, you can provide solutions that make it easier for you to increase productivity, cut costs and respond rapidly to business needs. With a single, extensible platform for Intranet, Extranet and Internet solutions, SharePoint Server helps you - and your customers - realize faster returns on your investments.

MediaDotCom's 12-year history of application integration services in and around the Microsoft platform makes us an ideal partner for SharePoint integration. SharePoint’s ability to integrate with legacy CRMs, ERPs, SQL databases, and more make it a powerful tool for mission-critical, enterprise business needs. MediaDotCom’s experience makes us the right partner for the job.